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Multi-function – key for pedestal ‘Professional

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  • for easy height adjustment of the pedestal ‘Professional’
  • for subsequent height adjustment even with already installed slabs (only joint 4 mm)
  • for removal of joint tabs (only joint 4 mm)
  • for fixing the pedestal (converting self-leveling pedestal into a pedestal with fixed head).

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Functions of the multi-function key

  • for easy height adjustment of the pedestal ‘Professional’ (joint 2 & 4 mm)
  • for subsequent height adjustment even for panels already laid (joint 4 mm)
  • for easy breaking out of the joint tabs (joint 4 mm)
  • for fixing the pedestal (conversion from self-levelling head to fixed head).

All these functions can be performed by our multi-function key.
This handmade key features three different end finishes, each performing one of the functions defined above.
For example, one end design is ideal for breaking off 4 mm – joint clips.

On the basis of the following picture the above mentioned functions of the key can be seen:

(a) Height adjustment
(b) Fixation
(c) Removing joint tabs

Functions of the multi-function key



Height adjustment function

The multi-function key is mainly used to adjust the height of the ‘Professional’ pedestal.
Especially in the case of not yet completely laid panels, this provides important assistance.

At the same time, hold the pedestal at the bottom and adjust the height of the pedestal using the key.

In the case of slabs that have already been completely laid, subsequent height adjustment is in principle only possible with the 4mm joint design of the pedestal.

Fixation function

At the outermost edge of a terrace construction made of self-levelling pedestals, pedestal with a fixed head should always be installed.
The following picture shows the effect of small edge plates when the pedestal at the edge are not designed as a fixed head.

Problem edge area with self-levelling pedestals

In order to convert the pedestal ‘Professional from a self-leveling pedestal to a pedestal with a fixed head, the inner green fixing ring must be tightened. This is exactly what is done with the multi-function key.

Function 1 of the multi-function key

Function of the removal of joint tabs

It is often necessary to cut off joint tabs.
The multi-function key is very helpful here, especially for 4 mm joints!

Function 2 of the multi-function key


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