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perimeter spacer for all pedestal and raised floor SmartWabic

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  • Professional spacer – clip made of stainless steel V2A
  • to avoid direct contact of terrace slabs with walls
  • easy installation & fully recyclable
  • for ‘Professional’, ‘Titanium’, ‘Standard’ and ‘Basic’ series pedestal with joint thicknesses of 2 or 4 mm
  • for use on the raised floor system ‘SmartWabic’.

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Function of the perimeter spacer

In many structural situations, decking slabs are directly adjacent to adjoining masonry.
In these situations, it is important to maintain a distance between the terrace slabs and the masonry.

This is due to the following reasons:

  • damage to the masonry should be avoided
  • Optimal water drainage should remain guaranteed
  • the stability of the entire construction must be ensured

The perimeter spacer allows you to meet these requirements.
The clip ensures sufficient edge distance, prevents damage and facilitates water drainage.
Likewise, this spacer is not completely rigid, so it can accommodate (very) limited movements of the plate.

This spacer is suitable for both pedestal with 2 mm and stilt layer with 4 mm joints.

You can see a detailed illustration of the ‘Professional’ pedestal as follows:

Positioning perimeter spacer



Installation of the perimeter spacer

The installation of the perimeter spacer is very easy:

Step 1:
The pedestal is positioned at the edge.
To achieve a closer distance to the wall, the pedestal can also be cut to size before at the bottom of the pedestal.

Step 2:
The perimeter spacer is placed and moved so that the outermost part touches the wall.

Step 3:
The slab is put on.

In addition, the spacer can also be permanently fixed to the pedestal with a commercially available mounting montage adhesive.

The following pictures illustrate the installation using the pedestal ‘Titan’:

Step 1: Positioning the pedestal, cutting the base to size and placing the perimeter spacer

Positioning of the perimeter spacers using the pedestal series 'Titan'

Step 2: Placing a narrow edge plate (here in the photo with a width of 12 cm)

Positioning of the perimeter spacer at Titan 2

Step 3: More slabs are placed

Laid slabs at edge finish

In the corners, the perimeter spacers are offset from each other to ensure a neat finish on both sides:

Positioning of the perimeter spacers in the corner

Assembling on raised floor system ‘SmartWabic’

The perimeter spacer is also an indispensable installation aid for our raised floor system.

  • also protects the edge area here and
  • fixes the outermost edge slab

The assembly steps are as follows:

Step 1:
Inserting the Fix Clip

Step 1 of installation the perimeter spacer on raised floor

Representation of the engaged Fix-Clip

Step 2:
Placing the perimeter spacer and screwing it to the Fix Clip

Step 3:
Placing the slab

Step 5 of installation the perimeter spacer on raised floor

installation for drainage channels

Our perimeter spacers also used for fixing drainage channels.
Please proceed according to the pictures shown below:

Step 1: Placement of the drain linear channel to determine the exact position and placement of spacers.

installation of drainage channel with spacers part 1

Detail view

installation of drainage channel with spacers part 2

Step 2:
Remove the grating and screw the base body of the drain linear channel to the pedestal.
Be sure to use stainless steel screws for this purpose.

installation drainage channel with clips part 3

Step 3:
Laying the adjacent slabs to stabilize the structure.

Perimeter spacer - installation of the drainage channel part 4

Step 4:
Inserting the cover grating onto the channel base body.

last assembly step



Consideration of the perimeter spacer in the configurator

The configurator automatically calculates the required amount of perimeter spacers.

As soon as closed sides are marked under point 4, the configurator knows that there is a masonry along the specified axes.
Below you can see an example.

Step 1: Selecting closed sides

perimeter spacer 1 for configurator

In the following, you can see these closed sides hatched diagonally on the main drawing area.

perimeter spacer 2 for configurator

… and in the list of materials they are immediately indicated.

perimeter spacer 3 for configurator

sample sets

Samples of perimeter spacers are included in all sample sets Large and X-Large

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