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pedestal for rail system with fixed head

pedestal for the rail system
with fixed head

The pedestal for the rail system with fixed head consists of two elements

  • the pedestal ‘Titan’ with fixed head
  • an adapter for connecting the joists with the pedestal

These pedestals

  • are placed under the base joists
  • ensure the correct height of the entire structure
  • create a firm and stable connection to the joists
  • take over the slope from the subfloor to the pavement
  • do not have a self-leveling function
  • have the following adjustment range: 3 to 40cm
  • are the most economical version

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Additional information

Pedestals for the rail system with fixed head have the following advantages and disadvantages:

The advantages

The first advantage, of course, concerns the price. This price is beyond the price of the self-leveling pedestals.

The second advantage concerns the following situation: if you want to carry out a terrace, where a slope of the subsoil is to be continued into the top layer, then this type of pedestal is the right choice for you.
Because the fixed pedestal transfers the existing slope of a terrace directly into the top layer!

The disadvantages


  • you have a terrace with a slope in the subsoil and
  • want a horizontal terrace surface

then you will have some work with leveling the pedestals with the fixed head. Because these must be levelled manually with leveling discs!